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Jon Fox

13 Activities
89.0 km Distance
South West Region


Received a liver transplant in 1997 and have taken on Team Captain for the South West this year for R4R. Hoping to push the message out even more around Organ Donation. You can read my story in full below and follow me at:

FB: foxman40

Instagram: jon.fox

Hello, my name is Jon and I had a liver transplant in May 1997 at King's College Hospital.

Pre-transplant I had little energy, spent most of my time in front of the TV and generally didn't have the exciting and fun life most kids should have. After I received my transplant, my parents would say that they rarely saw me, which they took as a positive. I had friends, went out on my bike, played in the park and overall was having a 'normal' life.

My transplant has allowed me to experience so many amazing things that I shouldn't have been here to experience. To many these would seem like just a part of normal life. However, I cannot put into words how grateful I am to be able to have them in my life.

I have found my love of Badminton, which I compete in at the British and World Transplant Games and earlier this year I won 2 bronze medals for team GB. This allows me to promote organ donation and acknowledge my donor and what I can physically do because of them.

I have a beautiful wife and a 2 year old son, Charlie. I work for the NHS which lets me give back to professionals like those who took care of me while I was unwell and it has also led me to being chair of the Organ Donation Committee at Dorset County Hospital. This lets me have a bigger impact on the donation pathway and working with incredible individuals to improve what we do for those who are still waiting for a transplant.

These are just a few things that, without the gift I have been given, wouldn't have been possible. There is no way to show how thankful I am to my donor and their family. However, I try and give my all everyday to make them proud,

I am excited to take on Team Captain for the South West for Race for Recipients, and I hope, together, we can get more people sharing their wishes around organ donation. and also highlight the awareness needed.


Day Activity Distance Notes
2023-09-24 Walk 8.0 km
2023-09-23 Walk 9.5 km
2023-09-23 Other 2.0 km
2023-09-22 Walk 9.0 km
2023-09-22 Cycle 8.0 km Work event for Race for Recipients
2023-09-21 Walk 6.5 km
2023-09-20 Walk 5.0 km
2023-09-19 Walk 6.5 km
2023-09-18 Walk 7.5 km
2023-09-18 Other 3.5 km Badminton
2023-09-17 Walk 9.0 km
2023-09-16 Walk 9.5 km
2023-09-16 Run 5.0 km Park Run
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