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Race for Recipients 2023

Thank you for your interest in our 2023 National Organ Donation Week challenge in honour of our organ donors, their recipients and those waiting for a life saving transplant.

'Race for Recipients' challenges you to celebrate Organ Donation - the gift of life, with organ donation teams and representatives around the country as we 'Race for Recipients' from 06:00 on Saturday the 16th of September, until midnight on Sunday the 24th of September.

This year there will be individual and team targets to progress through and earn achievement awards!

Your level of fitness is not important and you don't need a team to join!

All 'Race for Recipients' targets represent meaningful milestones. For example, targets include traveling a distance of 9km over the week to represent the 9 lives that can be saved by one donor all the way up to 7000km to represent the 7000 people currently waiting for a life saving transplant in the UK and the 50,000km regional milestone representing the number of people living today with a transplant in the UK.

Join the Race!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Rank Name Distance Activities Racers
#1 Scotland 111,007.5 km 9,890 2,119
#2 North West 107,590.1 km 9,803 2,142
#3 Yorkshire 45,526.9 km 4,142 897
#4 Midlands 34,640.2 km 3,369 586
#5 London 14,765.8 km 1,687 359
#6 South West 13,888.2 km 1,420 360
#7 Northern 13,160.4 km 1,431 345
#8 Eastern 6,495.5 km 844 181
#9 Northern Ireland 3,353.0 km 468 104
#10 South Central 3,090.2 km 339 73
#11 South Wales 1,530.4 km 184 47
#12 South East 951.0 km 179 34
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