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Barbara Hoggarth

10 Activities
40.7 km Distance
Yorkshire Region


I live in Cottingham, East Yorkshire. My son, Ian, died suddenly in 2012, from Sudden Cardiac Death, aged 34. He had signed up for organ donation a few weeks before, when he renewed his driving licence. He was able to donate his organs and tissues, helping to save, or improve, the quality of life of over a dozen people.

Since then, my family has supported the Cardiac Risk in the Young charity and I have been a member of the Donor Family Network. I served on the MRI Organ Donation committee for many years and I am still a member of the Hull Royal Infirmary and North Lincs and Goole committees.

I am involved in the planning for the Gift of Life installations in two hospitals and I have assisted with photos boards in several hospitals promoting organ donation and Ian's story. I have also helped with several media campaigns, such as Be a Hero, Facebook Cornea donation awareness and CRY and I enjoy attending public events to discuss organ donation.

I am so grateful for the NHS in so many ways: I became a Grandma to premature twins last year and I have seen the tremendous impact of Ian's donations on one recipient's life through regular contact. I want to continue to raise awareness of the importance of signing up to the register, so that families are able to make the difficult decision to donate should the unthinkable ever happen.

Please join me in the Race for Recipients 2023! X:@BarbaraHoggarth


Day Activity Distance Notes
2023-09-24 Walk 4.0 km
2023-09-23 Walk 5.6 km Wentworth Woodhouse walk
2023-09-22 Walk 4.0 km
2023-09-21 Walk 4.5 km
2023-09-20 Walk 4.5 km Wet day!
2023-09-19 Walk 4.0 km
2023-09-18 Walk 4.0 km
2023-09-18 Swim 0.8 km
2023-09-17 Walk 3.2 km With twins in pushchair!
2023-09-16 Walk 6.0 km
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