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Steve Donaldson

11 Activities
350.0 km Distance
Scotland Region


I recieved my heart transplant in 2010 in Golden Jubilee Hospital in Clydebank.

Returning to cycling post transplant (something I thought I'd never do again) I have won medals at British, European and World level for Team GB.

I was told by my late wife: "Just go out and enjoy life, ride your bike and have fun." And, for once in my life, I'm doing just what I was told to do.

I am participating in the Race for Recipients as this shows the benefits and increases awareness to the general public of the advantages of organ donation.

X: @stevedonaldson8, Instagram @Donaldson101110


Day Activity Distance Notes
2023-09-24 Cycle 58.0 km Warmup , tt inc puncture , gravelly time.
2023-09-23 Walk 5.0 km Along the prom
2023-09-23 Cycle 18.0 km Activation on turbo
2023-09-22 Cycle 104.0 km R4R GJNH 2 Kelpies n back
2023-09-21 Walk 4.0 km Organ donation stall at Jubilee and a wander.
2023-09-20 Walk 5.0 km Along the prom , tad windy.
2023-09-19 Walk 5.0 km Wet n blowing a hoolie
2023-09-19 Cycle 42.0 km Zwift too wet for outside
2023-09-18 Walk 5.0 km Down to the gym and back
2023-09-17 Cycle 40.0 km A bit of Zwift
2023-09-16 Cycle 64.0 km Serpentine Hill climb and Bute 2up TT
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